Decent ready meals are helping to raise the bar on frozen convenience food.

“There is a revolution in home cooked food being sold on to people” – Kate Spicer, Food Critic.

You can always have Decent ready meals stocked in your kitchen freezer without having to be too concerned about Best Before and Use By dates. Meals can be reheated from frozen or chilled, giving you the flexibility and convenience to eat high end, paleo friendly, natural good fresh food in the fraction of the time that it would take to make from scratch.

Freezing is a natural method of extending the shelf life of food. It suspends the growth of bacteria, yeast and moulds that cause food to go off. This means that all Decent ready meals do not need artificial preservatives.

Tests show frozen fruit and vegetables usually contain just as many nutrients as fresh. We also throw away around 20% of our fresh food, so you will also be saving money and helping the environment.